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" Harry asked, eventually, his tone as blandly courteous as ever, "Or can I go?

It also didn't help that I dropped this project for about four months, before I picked it up again, continued work, and started publishing. Apologies in advance to anybody in the fields of study mentioned, I mean in my writing "understanding the basic concepts to some degree" with what I mention.

I am well aware that these fields of study require prodigious time to even begin to master.

They were corrupt not just to the core, but almost completely comprehensively on ever level above entry-level positions.

The clerks and Aurors he'd seen were straightforward enough, if not particularly driven in their work, and Tonks and her compatriots were blatantly honest, but he could tell by the way they moved around the other Aurors, that some were certainly more trustworthy than others.

I'm writing about getting the basics of at this time, not mastering.((()))Chapter 7((()))After all but a single duty-pair of Aurors guarding the first entrance of Azkaban had left the island, panic reigned in Azkaban, as staffers who had never expected to have to much of anything realized their jobs were threatened.

Panic, as it so often does, led to sloppiness, and when the Warden ordered a personal check of each individual prisoner, both that they were present, and their physical condition, one of the guards got too close to the bars of one of the cells.

And considering how corrupt most of the government was, he could see justification for killing a he was with the wizarding government in general, and Albus Dumbledore and Cornelius Fudge in particular.

At first, he had expected Fudge to be taking bribes from Malfoy, but the man didn't even have the excuse of being corrupt, he was just , told him all he needed to know about how insanely corrupt those who put him in power in the first place were.

Harry swiftly moved back out of his chair, his own wand in one hand, Scrimgeour's in the other, using Scrimgeour's to open the door behind him."The will be hearing about how the head of the DMLE attacked a twelve-year old child," Harry said as he left the room, "It'll probably be front page tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed your time in office, Scrimgeour, it is going to be brief."Harry stepped out of the room, his wand still trained on Scrimgeour as the man held his gut, gasping for breath.

It ends up motivating me to write more, because I can't find the suitable dramatic tension, and emotional satisfaction in other's writing, then doggone it, I'll make it myself.