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He argues that facts about actual human behavior, like those discussed in Friedman & Neary’s research, are potentially relevant to property and other legal issues.

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All deal with the phenomenon that, for a variety of reasons, people do not consciously experience events (including their own “choices”) at the exact instant they occur.

The existence of these delays is sufficient to cast serious doubt on the possibility of conscious free will, i.e., free will as we usually understand it.

Finally, the essay focuses on possible improvements of legal drafting and law enforcement due to a better cognitive-behavioral knowledge of reactions to legal provisions, also by means of practical experiments. Recent scholarship has suggested that respect for possession may be an innate aspect of human behavior.

Jeffrey Evans Stake argued in 2004 that there is an evolutionary basis for an instinct to respect possession.

People’s genetic structure, genetic expression, and individual physiological response to stimuli differ; moreover, people’s minds are differently structured and function differently.

As a result of either genes, hormones, epigenetic processes, neurology, or physiology, we are different from one another and such differences, in combination with what we experience in life are reflected in our different preferences and behaviors.Admission of these images in court will likely increase in the future, but the weight afforded to it will largely depend on the facts specific to the case.This paper outlines the process and criteria the court will use for the admission of SPECT images, and provide an overview of the weight afforded to the studies in courts thus far.One of the major legal skills students use in almost every law school clinic is advanced legal writing.Clinicians spend many hours every week triaging student writing and coaching their students to produce practice-worthy documents.TBI is a complex condition, difficult to evaluate, and even more challenging to prove in a court of law.