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Their sound drew early comparisons to Kanye, Drake, and other powerhouses, but 1st creates a truly unique Chi-town-meets-Texas vibe.

3 Penny Opera 3 Penny Opera earned a reputation as a strong performing band through residencies at Austin’s late and lamented Steamboat, packing the house for their CD release and performing in Steamboat’s Eviction Series fundraising shows.

The group achieved fame and notoriety under their previous incarnation, Too Crunk, collaborating with Soulja Boy and other local independent artists such as Luch Millions and Young Snead along the way to creating their own sound, influenced by T. Today they are 40 Alligators, making a new name for themselves out of their hometown of Decatur, Georgia. Learn More 45trona Ut 45trona Ut (pronounced "Astrona ut") is a classically trained musician with a passion for dance, trance, electronica and funk.Funkspatial is an album that combines elements of French-Touch dance, trance and electronica made by DJ/producer 45trona UT.Finely crafted songs take darker topics and universal themes and deepen them with emotional arrangements that speak directly…Learn More Tomer Aaron Tomer Aaron is a lifelong DJ out of Tel Aviv, Israel.The group’s debut CD, , was released in 1999 to critical praise and brisk sales.

The first pressing has since sold out and their 6-song follow-up EP was not pressed prior to the band's dissolution in 2000. Learn More 40 Alligators 40 Alligators is a rap quartet featuring $lick A$$ Trigg, Cool Mill, Murk Traxx, and Quabo.

Learn More Brando Albers I've been writing music since I was fifteen years old. As we aged my friends moved onto other things leaving me alone with this passion. It pushed me to learn how to record music as well as play a few instruments.

For the most part, I've been a solo recording artist. I also have had an art showing and had a CD featured in a cafe. Learn More Carson Alexander Carson Alexander was born in Dallas, TX and raised in West Memphis, AR, and cut his teeth playing Funk, R&B, Blues, and Rock on Beale Street.

With his heavy hitting lyrical flow and pure East Coast Hip-Hop genes, Ace J will come on strong in 2014.

Learn More Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars Jay Boy Adams’ music has always represented a resonant mixture of country, rock and blues, while remaining steeped in tradition.

After an extended sabbatical, and going through the monikers "DJ TA" and "Tomer Aaron Mix," Tomer Aaron is back...remixing Dance, House, and Trance music with the same intensity and passion…