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[Now] I’m not afraid to live out loud.” Terri Thomas, who has known Luckett for over a decade as Operations Manager and Program Director for her hometown Houston hip-hop station the Box, expresses a similar sentiment. Nowadays, people are too cool to feel.” Even when recording her new LP, Luckett was still fearful at times.

“She was a young girl who had experience being in a supergroup,” Thomas says. “I was terrified about putting out ‘Weekend,'” she admits.

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“We’re all in support of each other, we’re all grown, all doing our own things. She’s awesome.” The pop world is littered with the failed careers of group members who were unable to cut it as soloists, but Luckett stuck her landing, reemerging on her own in 2006 with a Top 40 hit, the should-I-stay-or-should-I-go ballad “Torn,” and a platinum-certified debut album.

(Luckett is the only one of Destiny’s Child’s five recording members other than Beyoncé to log a million-seller.) Her follow-up, Lady Love, paired Luckett with talents like Tank and Ne-Yo, singer/songwriter/producers who appreciate nuance and emotion, and Luckett’s voice shone in the new settings.

Walker had two best men, his brothers Tamarcus and Treoun Walker.

Pastor John Gray officiated the ceremony and singer Tank sang “At Last” as Luckett walked down the aisle.

Scan the Top 40 on Billboard’s Hip-Hop/R&B Airplay Chart this week, and you will find just two women credited as a lead singers. Blige, an R&B institution with a string of hits reaching back 25 years, but the other is less well-known: Le Toya Luckett, a former member of Destiny’s Child whose “Back 2 Life” – the title track to her new third solo LP – reached an audience of more than 5 million on radio last week, according to Nielsen Sound Scan.

One morning last week, Luckett was eating the occasional spoonful of breakfast oatmeal at the downtown Manhattan offices of her label, e One Music, wearing distressed jeans, a rhinestone-encrusted black leather jacket and a wide-brimmed hat.She’s a lively presence, ribbing clubgoers – including herself – who skip dancing to tend to Snapchat, and confessing her undying love for Nineties R&B by rolling back her chair, throwing up her hands and exclaiming in a comically high vocal register.If you don’t know Luckett’s name, you know her voice: The Houston-born singer joined Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and La Tavia Roberson in Destiny’s Child as a soprano in 1993.Around the same time she released Lady Love, Luckett started a parallel career in acting, appearing in shows like Treme and Ballers and a forthcoming biopic of Dionne Warwick.Luckett’s burgeoning acting career temporarily dampened her musical productivity, but it also helped her become increasingly confident about her choices when she returned to the studio.“There’s very few singers out there who really want to stand onstage and sing with Toya,” Tank tells Rolling Stone. She gets on that stage, she will full-out burn, and if you’re not vocally ready for that type of onslaught, you can get mauled.