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” Still, the elder Tuohy said that “SJ is one of the few people who can break Michael down, they can end up talking on the same level …they love music, sports, cars, they’re both great students. They get along incredibly well and always have.” Along with the Tuohys’ daughter, 26-year-old Collins, “they have their own little deal and once in a while they’ll let us in.” Said the younger Tuohy, “I think deep down, Mike is a comedian.

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said, “It’s really kind of strange how it happened but it feels like it was supposed to happen.

It’s been good.” The younger Tuohy’s decision to attend Loyola had less to do with Oher than he led some to believe. said that he was playing golf in Baltimore last summer with an old friend, Kurt Aarsand.

“We’ve always been close, I always looked at him as a little brother, we always played games together, always been a sharp kid and he’s turned into a great guy,” Oher said during last month’s minicamp in Owings Mills.

Asked if Tuohy has grown from the precocious, know-it-all 8-year-old whose movie character interrogated the likes of big-time coaches Nick Saban and Lou Holtz when they came recruiting Oher — a characterization that Tuohy joked was “unfortunately accurate” — Oher smiles. I had him and some of his teammates over and we watched the [NBA playoff] game and the [Manny Pacquiao –Timothy Bradley] fight.

“He’s going to put in the work and he’s smart enough to get the job done,” Oher said.

“Whenever he gets a chance, he’ll be the smartest guy on the floor, he’s a smart basketball player, he knows how to play the game.

He calls it home and he loves it here and hopefully it’ll be the same for me.” Oher doesn’t seem to mind mingling in a community in which he hopes to spend his entire career. Definitely have loyal fans, recognize everybody, no matter what you do for the team. said, “If you were in Oxford or Memphis writing this story, he would say the same thing.

“I love Baltimore, I definitely look at it as home, somewhere I’m very comfortable,” said Oher, his serious look softening a little. I get to do everything, but they recognize everyone because they love their team so much.” Said Sean Tuohy Sr., who spent time in Baltimore long before Oher’s arrival, “The people in Baltimore have been incredibly nice to him. Good kid, give you everything he’s got, but it doesn’t mean they have to like him. He has a very strong feeling for the city just like he did in college.” As for his younger son’s decision to attend Loyola, Tuohy Sr.

He was always out there, seeing him train so much set the standard for me. When he was on the field, he was all business, when he was off the field, he was a fun-loving guy.

You leave your attitude at the door.” Though Tuohy seems to have a more outgoing personality than his big brother, their father, Sean Tuohy Sr.,said it stems mostly from the fact that “Michael is our only analytical kid, SJ is like everyone else — very emotional.

Though Leigh Anne Tuohy wasn’t thrilled with her youngest child being so far from home for college — Collins had attended Mississippi along with Oher — the idea of having his big brother close by was certainly reassuring. said that his son’s decision to attend Loyola “was about 80 percent Jimmy Patsos, and 19 percent the feeling he got for Loyola,” but having Oher around “since the decision has been huge…Michael even moved SJ into his dorm.” Said the younger Tuohy, “It didn’t so much influence my decision but it made me so much more comfortable making it.