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“No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man.” She also cannot produce a single photograph of Phelps (who has recently been in rehab following a DUI arrest) that she took, or even one that shows them together.Chandler told the So her desire to avoid being seen with Phelps is surprising, given that for their first date, she says in her Facebook statement, she accompanied Phelps to the most crowded venue in Baltimore: a home game played by his hometown’s NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens, on September 21.

One was about the extent of her relationship with Phelps, which she says has now ended: “I was intimate with him several times,” Chandler told “He is a great lover.

There is not one part of my body he does not know.” Her body is at the center of most of the sensational and erroneous tabloid reports that labeled the Washington, D.

Phelps himself has yet to comment publicly, and appears to be focused only on his sport.

He was reportedly back in a pool practicing Monday.

Chandler says she then underwent what she called “corrective surgery” to remove her penis and construct an artificial vagina, a procedure called vaginoplasty, commonly known as one part of gender-confirming surgery.

The effect, surgeons and post-operative patients agree, is a reconstruction of the genitals so that they are indistinguishable in appearance and sexual function from those of someone born with a vagina.Chandler also attempted to contact one of Phelps’s sisters, Hilary, but that ended badly.Hilary Phelps tweeted, “I'm a BIG believer in #karma // The lies people will tell for their 15-minutes are unreal.” Chandler said the sister blocked her and accuses her of “attacking” her.“I also have a 17,000-page forensic report showing everything — all the geo scans, the cellphone tower signals, the pings.And they’re coming from his phone.” But Chandler said Phelps has yet to use that phone, email, or any other means to contact her, now that he is out of the rehab facility where he spent most of October and the last few weeks, following his second arrest for DUI in a decade.Chandler also tells a horrifying tale of jailhouse rape.