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So how important are the arts to a country like Ireland?

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Fans of rock, pop and folk are in for a real treat with a bewildering array of live music, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and discussions at The Music Show, which takes place in the RDS, Dublin, next weekend, October 3 and 4.The Rory Gallagher Exhibition has now been added to the extensive line-up.And it seems Cheryl's intention was not to upstage the blushing bride after she opted for an uncharacteristic floor-length, high necked, grey dress with low key make-up and hair.According to reports 32-year-old Cheryl had not been invited to the main ceremony and that it had been a bone of contention between them.One Direction cutie Niall Horan is single and ready to mingle, and his friend (and apparent doppelg?

nger) Ellen De Generes is more than willing to help him find his next girlfriend.

A series of panel discussions will include luminaries such as Nicky Ryan, who helped invent the Enya phenomenon; James Morris, founder of the famous Windmill Lane recording studios where U2 made their early recordings; rock accountant Ossie Kilkenny; film director Jim Sheridan, and many more.

Mick Sheehan of The Script said The Music Show gave an opportunity for insiders and fans to meet the people who matter in the industry.

And in the spirit of Halloween, Ellen De Generes spooked the superstar!

Niall was discussing keeping in touch with his One Direction bandmates when a staff member dressed as Harry popped up out of a box and made him jump and yell!

"Whether it's writers or producers -- pretty much anyone who has success in this game -- you get to quiz them and talk to them," he said.