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I think the biggest learning curve for me was realizing that you have to take time to enjoy the moments.

I don't tell many people that because I will get made fun on because I'm from New Jersey!

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About four minutes into the game, a video from Selena appeared on the screen and Nick's heart rate started to go up."Hello Nicholas, it is Selena Gomez," the "Wolves" singer said in the video message.

"So I know what you're doing and I would like to remind you of a time where we all went to Central Park together, it was definitely over 10 years ago.

Eventually, it led to the formation of Jonas’ three-brother band, the Jonas Brothers.

They released one album with Columbia but were then later dropped.

I was exploring with different sounds and collaborators over the course of a couple years, and I fell into a really natural place where I was creating music that felt true to who I am, not only in what I talk about but in the style of music as well..

I think the R& From 11th June 2006 to July 2009, Nick Jonas dated famous American Singer Miley Cyrus.

He began performing on Broadway at the age of seven hence he became involved in the show business from his early life. Additionally, he belongs to a mixed ethnic background of German, English, Scottish, Irish, Italian/Sicilian and French-Canadian.

Talking about his education, Jonas attended Eastern Christian High School.

and dished to host Nick Grimshaw about everything from Miley Cyrus' song "7 Things" to his Central Park date with Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift that took place 10 years ago!

During the game, Nick was hooked up to a monitor which showed if his heart rate was increasing or decreasing as he was asked about certain topics.

He has a younger brother, Frankie, and two older brothers – Joe and Kevin.