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Franklin admits Erebus is compromised, but remains confident in reaching King William Land and finishing "this final piece of the puzzle." Crozier is doubtful and proposes consolidating coal so they can continue the expedition on the Terror.

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Franklin shifts the conversation to give an ice report.

He says they're passing by old ice, which shouldn't be a problem, but they're approaching a new intersection that may present some chunks.

Up on deck, a group of crewmen look through a scope and summon Ice Master Thomas Blanky immediately. In the distance, he sees William Orren's drowned body and tugs on his ropes to be pulled up.

Meanwhile, David has a terrifying hallucination of an Inuit man with the face of a bear. In the sick bay, Goodsir cuts open David's body but sees no signs of scurvy.

Across the ice, Crozier stands on the deck of the Terror and catches Franklin’s gaze.

Duplicated music files in i Tunes can be a real pain, but never fear as Macworld UK is here!However, one problem persists, that of duplicated audio files.Sometimes i Tunes get multiple copies of the same song, or even two copies of the whole album.The hunter points to Crozier and says Crozier’s crew was in terrible shape and being pursued by the “Tuunbaq.” The translator is unfamiliar with the term, which the hunter describes as "the thing that eats on two legs and on four." The hunter passes on a warning for future crews not to pursue a passage through the Arctic. Dead and gone.” In September of 1846, four years earlier, Capt.Sir John Franklin strides along his ship, Erebus, as it sails through icy waters along the Eastern shore.In the forecastle – where the sailors, Royal Marines and Petty Officers live – a group of young men eat and chat.