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They say that girls mature sooner than boys but for me that just isn’t true.

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I have a brother, James, who is two years younger than me and the sweetest kid you could ever meet.When I was little I liked to ride my bike, play with dolls and with the other kids in the neighborhood just like everyone else.Katie came with me and as we got in the house her older brother was coming out.He just said “Hi” and stepped out, but I noticed that he was also staring at my chest and I got even more embarrassed.I took the bathing suit off and noticed some light marks from where it had squeezed me.

For the rest of that summer I only wore loose shirts and baggy clothes.

I looked down and saw that my nipples got hard because of the cold water and they were quite visible through the light pink material of my one piece bathing suit.

All of our bathing suits were similar in shape and design, and if you looked closer you could tell that their nipples were also hard, which is normal, but my suit was much tighter around the chest that theirs were and my nipples were showing much more due to their size and stiffness.

It was summer break and we have just finished 3rd grade.

My friend Katie was having some of us over at her pool for the day.

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