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After all, sure he attained more success and notoriety than many professional athletes do as he had a bit of an edge in skill, but at the end of the day, having a double digit amount of bombshell celebrities or supermodels in your little black book is a feat unto itself. In fact, though Jeter has more than enough money to live comfortably in retirement, should he get bored, we highly recommend he pen a book on how to pick up women.

It would be an instant bestseller – just look at his track record. Here are 15 of the hottest women Derek Jeter has slept with. Throughout her career, one thing has remained consistent – she has frequently been featured on lists of the hottest women in Hollywood.

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Jeter reportedly snagged this Cuban cutie back in 2005, when she was still a young hottie constantly posing in a bikini. ) and it didn’t receive a lot of media attention (again, which of them do?), but according to Okay, the designation of ‘hot’ is a little iffy in this example, but given all the scandal around Tiger Woods, it has to be said – he’s not the only athlete that Rachel Uchitel has slept with.Jeter was a promising new rookie getting his start with the Yankees and Carey already had some success under her belt thanks to the release of several critically acclaimed albums.It was a brief fling, perhaps born of Carey’s desire to date someone outside the entertainment industry, and fizzled out fairly quickly.Did Jeter hook up with Carey after her split from husband and father to her children Nick Cannon?

No – this pairing actually happened way back in the day, in about 1997.The man won five World Series championships, five Gold Glove Awards, five Silver Slugger Awards, was a 14 time All-Star…I mean, this man was truly one of the best in the game.There’s one notable thing that came out of this relationship, though – Carey was arguably the first celebrity that Jeter dated, so it may have been on her that he started practicing his foolproof seduction 2002, and since then, has made her living as a glamour model posing for a variety of men’s magazines.Jeter is known for being super low key about his romantic relationships, so he probably wasn’t too happy back in 2002 when The Daily News featured a shot of him and Jordana Brewster smooching and holding hands at his 28 birthday party.