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I recently came to know this site through my friend. I am Fasil, an energetic young man of 21 years of age I want to narrate you an incident which happened 2 years back. Most of my friends had little bit experience with some girls.

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I said I am going to your house and wait there and give you the amount after your bath. She was wearing only lungi with yellow petticoat and blouse.

I kept mum and said please not to say this to anyone. At that time I praised her beauty by saying that you are a piece of beauty, article of pleasure and a wonderful creation of god and I take you to be a divine creature like that. She smiled and again asked the cash and said she was very tight.

As I was alone for two days my mother told Subaidatha to stay our home to help me.

When my finger reached on her thigh I felt some type of liquid was flowing. Since I had practical classes at college, I couldn’t go with them.

I read almost all the stories published till today. She shouted and said I will surely complain to your mother.

This is a very true story and no imagination or fantasies are included. After washing lunge and blouse she started to remove her bra. I am a daily reader of the site and I congratulate those who work behind it. This is the first time that I am sending my story to Kerala Erotica. She put soap fully and started to rub her body with ”chakiri”. Ever since I started reading Kerala Erotica I was obsessed with the aunt stories index. There was no panty inside and I saw the hairy part of her pussy and I was exited to see this scene. Subaidatha wore a small thorth so that I couldn’t see the full view. Subaidatha swam for some time with the only thorth. She responded very positively and we both got orgasm at the same time. After 10 minutes I erected again and put my rod in her ass hole. So I beg you to send me at least a single line to motivate and encourage me. After 5 minutes I embraced her and kissed her, she told me it is not right and I am at the same age of your mother. After 10 minutes kissing I tried to open her blouse she pushed me strongly and I fell and hit my head on the cot.