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The Muslims of Kerala are the descendents of the Arab traders who came to Kerala and married locally and finally settled down here.

It is a very exciting art form demanding not only complete control of practically every fiber of the artiste body, but also intense sensitivity of emotion.

It had its origin in the courts of the Kings of Kerala.

It is considered to be a synthetic art form combining in itself the rudiments of its earlier forms like Krishnanattam and Ramanattam with a highly scientific dance drama form. Kalaripayattu is the traditional 11th century martial art form of Kerala.

It is said to be the forerunner of oriental martial arts like kung-fu and karate.

Kerala is a state tucked away in the southwest corner of India.

The state is often referred as "God's Own Country".

The Western Ghats have an average height of 4920 ft (1,500 m) above sea level, with highest peaks that reach around 8200 ft (2,500 m). The districts of Kerala are Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Idukki, Kannur, Kasaragod, Kollam, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Palakkad, Pathanamthitta, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and Wayanad.

The coastal belt is comparatively flat and is crisscrossed by an interconnected network of canals, estuaries, lakes and rivers which are collectively known as the Kerala Backwaters. The districts are further subdivided into 75 taluks, which are further divided into 1453 revenue villages.

The culture of Malayalis has a flavor of its own, though it is a part of the Indian and Dravidian culture.

This has been the product of the peculiar geographical feature of Kerala.

Kerala is different from the rest of the India in many ways.