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You know your Korean partner is taking the relationship serious when you get to meet the parents, or other family members.In general, Koreans only introduce “marriage material” to their parents with the intention of getting their approval.The share of the population ages 16 and older who are not employed differs from the unemployment rate because the share not employed is based on the total population, while the unemployment rate is based on those who are in the labor force (i.e. Poverty status is determined for individuals in housing units and non-institutional group quarters. Figures for Koreans and all Asians based on mixed-race and mixed-group populations, regardless of Hispanic origin. Source: Pew Research Center analysis of 2013-2015 American Community Survey (IPUMS). The Asian American fact sheets were compiled by Gustavo López, research analyst, Anthony Cilluffo, research assistant, and Eileen Patten, former research analyst.

If you met a nice guy or girl who happens to be Korean – don’t freak out! Being in an intercultural relationship is all about compromising and give and take.Have mutual understanding and be open to new ideas and ways of thinking.But don’t worry, the following summary is what dating in Korea is like.Korea is known for taking its couple culture to the next level: couple clothes, couple shoes, couple rings – Koreans go all out.Unlike other Asian countries, where it’s almost “a shame” not to be married by 25, Koreans tend to get married in their late 20s and early 30s.

This is partly due to the high pressure to provide house, car and a promising career by the time you tie the knot.

It isn’t always easy to find new friends, let alone something on a romantic level when living in another country.

Especially South Korea, a country so different from the West, dating culture bears certain do’s and don’ts that are not like at home.

In the end, you will be rewarded with an adventurous relationship that can last forever!

Linda is a German/American blogger living in South Korea.

Remember my words: Korean Ajummas (older ladies) rule the country.