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Her parents say they are worried because she will go to siberia so why the hell they are not trying to make her life easier a bit? I hoped that we could at least go for a walk somewhere but Janela ignores me so completly that I am ready to draw a line accross our experimental multicultural relationship, I am not ready to decifer another girl's troubled mind, my experience with Nata's behaviour was complicated enough. Well yeah, shame she is not here, more shame we are behaving like strangers to each other. I don't understand a thing of how she behaves but at least, thank god for the english, that language which is so far from every language spoken in the region that we can safely talk without fear of being understood.

She tells me she is sad to go, that she would like to stay with me and so on.

Tomorrow is Kurba-nakht, big muslim holiday, day of the living, something like that.

The principle of the holiday is to prepare a whole bunch of food and to go invite the neighbours for a bite.

I have the impression that the father desperately wants her daughter's happiness, that he wants me to feel myself at home.

He wants to make my stay as enjoyable as possible because it will also make Janela happy.

I sleep in a separate house in Tegizchil, at Janela's parents place.

When I was with Ilona, we just had a separate room but now that I'm alone it is different.

Out of respect for Janela's family, I don't tell them stuff like Janela's my girlfriend.

First it's not technically true and second it would create a scandal. I have to edit Janela's video and add it to the crowdfunding project.

Janela doesn't have a single minute for me because she prepares for Kurba-nakht. Actually, I have already written the whole story, put on some pictures but I want to launch with a video to give her the biggest chance at success.

People, of course, will not bother reading only text.

Maybe it is used as a separation when the son's family lives with the son's parents. Me and Janela are not officially a couple yet but we are pretty close to the finish line.