Leah remini sara gilbert dating matt and megan dating in the dark

Moonves, who is Jewish, began an affair with Chen while still married to his first (Jewish) wife, who is the mother of his three older children.

As you can imagine, the affair caused quite a scandal and the divorce was very messy.

Her mother comes from an ethnic Chinese family that once lived in Burma.I don’t know if her parents followed any religion, like Buddhism.Adler and Gilbert have two young kids (Adler is the birth mother of their son and Gilbert gave birth to their daughter).Gilbert is the legal half-sister of actress Melissa Gilbert, 46, of Little House on the Prairie fame (and scores of TV movies).Barbara and Paul split-up in 1972 and Barbara went on to wed Jewish attorney Harold Abeles.

Sara Gilbert, who was born (1975) Sara Abeles, is the biological daughter of Barbara and Harold.Remini, 40, is the daughter of a Jewish mother and an Italian Catholic father.She was raised secular, but has been a devout Scientologist for decades.Chen’s father was an important figure in the pre-Communist government of China.He fled to the United States with the Communist take-over in 1949.(To be frank, her father, a music industry executive, was a total jerk).