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Jews were deported to the ghetto, escaped from it, were sent to forced labour camps, died by starvation and epidemics, perished somewhere in hidden places or lost their lifes in the struggle against the Germans. Last but not least too many notes got lost and witnesses died before they could tell about their observations. Berenstein: Zydzi warszawscy w hitlerowskich obozach pracy przymusowej. The assembly point (Umschlagplatz) was formerly used by the Transferstelle as a corridor for transports to and from the ghetto.

Later SS-men from the forced labour camp in Trawniki played the main part in the ghetto liquidation.The Jewish Order Service (Police) played an important role during the early stages of the "Great Action".Ghettos were also the name of blocks that the Nazis limited the Jews to living in at the start of the Holocaust. Notwithstanding its use in America, the word is of Italian origin, hence the spelling. The ghetto in Venice was an area where Jews were required to live by law.The first contingents put together by the Judenrat consisted of refugee assembly institutions, prisons and old people's homes. Warszawa 1988 Archive of the State Museum Majdanek Encylopedia of the Holocaust Yisrael Gutman: The Jews of Warsaw,1939-1943: Ghetto, Underground, Revolt.

If these orders will not be carried out, a corresponding number of hostages will be shot.. It was responsible for hanging up posters on 29 July, announcing that each person who will volunteer for resettlement will get 3 kg bread and 1 kg marmalade. In the months proceeding the mass deportations increasing unease was felt, under the impact of growing reports and rumours about the deportations from other ghettos and places of Jewish habitation in occupied Poland.Unrest and panic were created and grave doubts were raised among the ghetto population by the night raids undertaken by the German police and security forces.When all the Jewish people were concentrated into the Ghettos in Poland, the next thing the Nazis wanted was to get rid of them, but how, so they came up with the idea to move the people out of the Ghettos by force, put them on cattle trains to the Camps and burn the ghettos down so even if there were people hiding they would have been burned alive.This tragedy was called the liquidation of the ghettos. More generally, a part of a city, especially a densely populated inner city area, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or other minority group, often as a result of social or economic restrictions, pressures or hardships.In modern usage it has connotations of isolation (from mainstream life) and of deprivation.