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Suddenly, my phone pinged with an email notification. Hi Jen, someone liked your profile and has smiled at you…” I quickly jumped back to the site to look at the “Smiles” section.

When someone “smiles” at you, it’s a subtle “Hey, I think you’re cute and maybe we can strike up a conversation”.

Luckily, I grew up studying English, so language wasn’t an obstacle for me, but people still spoke to me like I had a hearing problem. The UI is simple and makes the site easy to navigate.

In addition to checking out the people who have smiled at you, you can also see who's visited your profile in the “Visitors” section.

My admirers seemed to be within /- 10 years of my age.

I can see how this is appealing, whether you’re Asian-American or someone who emigrated here later on in life (like me).

I’ve dated non-Asian men before and have had perfectly fine relationships, but I understand the appeal of wanting to date another Asian person.

We’re all so busy with our lives these days, from managing our careers to meeting social obligations, that trying to find time for ourselves is nearly impossible. So when I was asked if I’d like to try out East Meet East (an Asian dating site) and write a review1, I thought “What do I have to lose?

As a writer, I find myself holed up in my apartment most of the time. Or at least, quality people with whom I might actually want to spend some time.Something I noticed is that, although EME is advertised as an Asian dating website for people in North America, they give you a whole list of countries to select from when filling out your profile. Wait, make that an African-American (or Middle Eastern, Native American, or Caucasian) woman in Poland because the ethnicity selection isn’t limited to Asia, either. There’s also a profile strength meter that clues you in on how compelling your profile is.So, I guess I could be (for example) a Vietnamese woman in Poland. Mine is currently at 40% or “Maybe I’d check you out”.But by using the extensive search function, I was able to apply very specific filters that helped narrow down the list.When I searched for guys who spoke English, Mandarin, and/or Cantonese and who had arrived in the US at 15 years of age or younger, I was able to thin out the crowd.If you’re interested, just “smile” back and then you’ll receive an email saying that there’s a mutual match.