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They included the god of beer, Gambrinum; the god of brewers, Ragutis; and the goddess of hops, Austeja. We have just about every kind of beer you could wish for: We have kaimiškas alus or “village beer,” which could either be šviesus (pale) or tamsus (dark). They also come in lightly filtered filtruotas, or nefiltruotas, which are much less filtered.

Balts, the ancestors of modern-day Lithuanians, were drinking mead thousands of years ago out of horns coated with metal.

While we’ve now moved from horns to crystal glasses, mead remains popular amongst Lithuanians, especially during weddings, birthdays, and national holidays where everyone cheers to each other’s health.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been called Russian, Polish, or Latvian. ” followed by a long sigh that’s supposed to prove they do know where it is. “It’s above Poland and below Latvia.” “Oh, Poland.” “No, I mean Lithuania is above Poland.” “Above Poland? Due to our rather tragic national history, we do not like to be associated with Russia at all.

My absolute favorite was a remark by a hotel receptionist in Malaysia. Praising Communism and suggesting that being part of Russia was so much better for us is not going to make you our friend.

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In Lithuania, smartphone users spend a lot of time browsing news websites (,,, sports sites (,, parenting sites ( and automotive sites (

And what domestic sites do Lithuanian tablet users spend the most time on? The data comes from gemius Audience, an international research project conducted by Gemius in around 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

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And always with our yellow, red, and green flags, our drums, our uniforms, our songs, and our loud chants. Lithuania has participated in the annual Eurovision Song Contest held amongst many of the active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union 14 times since 1994.