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In December 2015, he was charged with sexually abusing a student of the school.The prominent Muslim leader was wheeled into the Rolling Meadows courthouse surrounded by supporters. On one occasion, she said, they had sex in his vehicle in an alley off the Anthony Wayne Trail, and he placed money in the center console for her. Butler, who said he could not afford to hire his own counsel.

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Saleem must also register as a sex offender the rest of his life. Several Jane Does have filed a civil suit against him claiming they, too, were sexually abused during their time at the boarding school.

He is not allowed to be in the presence of any females of any age, except relatives, without another female present. ABC7 spoke to one of those women last year."What he did was just so wrong.

He admitted to knowing she was a minor and he admitted to giving her money on multiple occasions, including the same days as the sex acts, but refutes it was in exchange for sex.” Federal investigators allege it was Mr. “It's all part of the same conspiracy,” Mike Tobin, spokesman for the U. Attorney's Office said, adding that more details are likely to come out in the indictment he expects to be brought against Mr. VIDEO: Bulter makes apology on Facebook Live before being arrested Mr. She said he operated his church there from roughly late spring to the middle of summer. She described feeling uneasy during her first interaction with Mr.

Haynes who groomed and introduced young girls to Mr. Butler's Facebook page, which as of Thursday was public and linked off the church's Facebook account, refers to himself as a father, husband, and prophet. Tuesday with a caption of “Let me apologize....” He referred in vague terms to the harm words have and to being careful of “your connections.” “It's never my intention to hurt or displease God. My heart's desire is only that we please God and we do the kingdom work that God has given us the assignment to do,” he said. Butler continued, “The man you see today didn't happen just yesterday. And excuse my French, but I'll be damned if I let another person try to tear me down. “It wasn't a large congregation or anything like that.

A wrong is wrong and a right is right because a lot of people want to down you.” Hours later, at a.m. Ijs.” “Ijs” typically refers to “I'm just saying.” His last post was at a.m. It read, “I’m just thankful to be in the land of the living.” The video and first post referencing death have since been deleted. Butler through a jail spokesman declined an interview request.

Wednesday, he posted, “If I died tonight what would your thoughts be? It just was not anything he should have done to anyone, especially sitting in front of the Qaran," she said.She said Saleem of touched her inappropriately when she was just 12 years old.Her actions appear to violate the law and clearly violate the code of professional conduct of the teaching profession.She does not represent the high-quality teachers of this district.CANTON, Ohio - A Canton high school teacher has been indicted on multiple felony counts for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with students.