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The author states that the young women engaging in this lifestyle are also exposing themselves to many dangers.

Dangers such as human trafficking, rape, exposure to STIs and HIV\AIDS.

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They told Phat Joe they found better things to do than just twerking‚ which is “spending dzaddy’s money.” One of the girls says that the benefits included things like getting a boob job and bagging almost a R1-million for a weekend visit. Everything is gold‚ it’s like the city of gold.” Candice proudly talked about how she introduced Lelo to the lifestyle and even said she convinced her to participate in a threesome.“Okay what happened was‚ she’s never had a threesome and she was like ‘no‚ I’m just here to twerk and get my money.’ I was like ‘boo‚ there’s more to this‚ more money to be made’‚” said Candice.Phamotse expressed that after seeing the video she thought the young ladies appeared delusional and were not aware of the type of message they were communicating to other young girls." I was just annoyed; I don’t want to lie because it’s these types of conversations that perpetuate the whole sugar daddy trend. Expats spend their tax-free salaries eating, drinking and generally showing off in public, so there is ample opportunity Plz Email ME Ur Mobile No.

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In the video which is a fictional depiction, he quizzed them about their frequent trips to Dubai‚ the kind of lifestyle they are making their money from and how they feel about the labels given to them.

“It depends on which manner you are using it (Dubai Girl) but I generally don’t care what people call me.

And people think it’s just glamourous shopping sprees, making money out of sleeping with older men.

I mean I don’t even think for one second that a person will literally give you a million rand just for being,” she said.

“It opens up a channel for trade prostitution where other girls, who find it difficult to get into the circle of sugar daddies, start selling themselves on social media.” According to Phamotse these young women would then start posting provocative images of themselves hoping to lure men.