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When spring break finally came in March, I tried calling him again. After many many more phone calls I finally talked to another manager. Abraham told me to bring it in right away and he would get it taken care of, that they would try to squeeze me in since their paint people were very busy. This surprised me since he had already informed me that they were really busy.However, when he got it back to me, he told me they weren’t and they were able to do it.

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Some dealers began seeking out Republic to sell their dealerships because of the long-term contracts.

In 1996, Republic built twelve Auto Nation locations.

The next year Republic acquired several more car rental companies, including Spirit Rent-A-Car, Value Rent-A-Car, Snappy Car Rental, and Euro Dollar Rent A Car.

In 2009, Auto Nation announced the Auto Nation Payment Protection program, which promised that any Autonation dealership would buy back any car at market value, should the owner lose their job.

I try to tell them something is wrong with their phones – they again tell me to call the 877 number and to have a nice day. He responds in minutes – I explain my issue and he sends me another phone number.

I call and get the receptionist at the physical location.The new car we had purchased had a couple of chips in the paint that the dealership agreed to touch up for us.All we had to do was make an appointment at our convenience.In August 2013, Auto Nation announced the sale of its 9 Millionth vehicle, a record achievement in the auto industry.In late 2017, Auto Nation announced that Waymo, a developer of self-driving technology, enlisted Auto Nation to maintain and repair their driverless fleet vehicles.Question 1: What is the phone number for Auto Nation? Sad because I had a terrible customer experience with Auto Nation Honda in Lewisville.