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The name of the village, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, is this long as it is actually 3 words linked together - depicts 2 monks carrying a heavy burden on their head.

My winter photo above was shot in the golden/red morning sun in freezing November temperatures.See how different it looks - I love it when the winter sun casts its red hue on the landscape.In the summertime, it is so nice watching the sheep with their lamb grazing in the pastures.The hike will take you right by Rauðárfoss fall, a beautiful basalt column waterfall, russet in colour due to the iron in the soil.After the Reformation in 1550, the second nun was regarded as innocent and it is said that beautiful flowers grew on her grave, while the grave of the other nun was barren.

On top of Sisters' Rock, 2 tussocks can be found and they are said to be the graves of the nuns.On this hike, you will also see this strange looking rock formation.I don't know the name of it, but it must have a name...An unusually beautiful golden comb is said to have been extended from the lake, and one of the nuns waded into the lake in the attempt to reach the golden comb, which proved to be too deep so she drowned.The other nun also wanted to own the comb, but she couldn't figure out how to do so.Fossá river cascades from the edge of the mountain hill from Lake Systravatn and down into the Fossárgil rift.