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When you place an order with Specialty Loose Leaf you can be assured that your binder will not just open and close - it will Round Rings The most commonly used mechanisms, offering the easiest page-turn and accessibility.

Plate Carrier (7/2/10) Gear Sector Light Mounts (6/27/10) Princeton Tec Remix and MPLS (6/25/10) EMDOM-MM TNT GYM (Grey Man) Bag (6/21/10) Vltor A5 Buffer & Recoil System (6/13/10) Gear Sector Rail Mount Hand Stop (6/10/10) Wilcox Industries L4 G24 NVG Helmet Mount (6/4/10) Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selector (5/30/10) CORDURA brand Baselayers by Tru-Spec (5/26/10) OTTE Gear DK Hybrid Jacket (5/21/10) Gear Sector Sling Rail Mounts (5/15/10) Mil-Spec Monkey Medic Square patches (5/10/10) New Source Hydration Reservoirs (5/6/10) OTB Bootistans (5/2/10) Otte Gear Patrol Parka (4/25/10) Hammer Head Rifle Tool (4/21/10) Clothing menu re-categorized on left (4/19/10) Eye Safety Systems Eye Pro (4/16/10) Lowa Zephyr GTX Hi TF Desert Boot (4/9/10) Rail Riders Versa Tac Shorts (4/2/10) La Rue LT-105 mount and TA44SR-10 (3/26/10) Kifaru Koala (3/19/10) OTTE Super L Windshirt (3/12/10) Vltor IMOD Stock (3/6/10) Revision Eyewear Giveaway contest #3 (3/6/10) TAD Gear Force 10 Softshell Utility Cargos (3/5/10) Arc'Teryx LEAF Alpha Bib(2/27/10) EMDOM-MM GPS Pouch (2/20/10) EMDOM-MM Dragster Strap (2/20/10) Revision Eyewear Giveaway Contest #2 Winners (2/20/10) High-vis colours for MAXPEDITION Rolly Poly (2/19/10) Battle Arms Development Matech upgrade (2/13/10) SKD Tactical Enhanced BDU Pants - Gen 2 (2/7/10) Addax GPU upgrades and FRS Anti-tilt buffer(2/4/10) Rear Lefty Sling loop for the Para FAL (1/31/10) Luma Loop Camera Sling (1/24/10) 215Gear Enhanced Rigger's Belt (1/16/10) Vltor CASV-FA Handguard for the FAL (1/14/10) RIP, Reagan Burke (1/12/10) Magpul Angled Fore Grip (AFG) (1/10/10) TAD Gear Spectre Hoodie LRP Multi Cam (1/8/10) MM T-shirt run in Coyote and Black (1/6/10) Crye Precision CAGE Plate Carrier (1/1/10) Mil-spec Monkey Blood Type patches (12/29/09) TAD Gear Ranger Hoodie v5(12/24/09) Arc'Teryx LEAF Alpha LT Jacket (12/18/09) ITS Tactical Blow Out Kit (12/10/09) CTOMS M-Harness (12/3/09) TAD Gear F.

(2/16/09) Revision Sawfly-TX Eyewear System (2/13/09) Tru-Spec Combat Shirt (2/7/09) Spike's ST-22 update and mod (2/7/09) Crye Precision Gen 2 Combat Shirt and Pant AC (1/29/09) TAD Gear Round Pocket (1/28/09) La Rue Tactical AK Irondot MRD (1/21/09) EMDOM USA Vehicle Hydration Carrier (1/14/09) TAD Gear Raptor Hardshell Jacket (1/6/09) EMDOM-MM Large GPS Pouch EMDOM-MM Charge Satchel EMDOM-MM Multitasker Pouch EMDOM-MM NVG Case MM 2A (2nd Amendment) Patch EMDOM-MM CM Belt Pad Set EMDOM-MM AK IAP EMDOM-MM Fire-Ex Pouch and extinguisher EMDOM-MM 308 IAP EMDOM-MM Pistol IAP EMDOM-MM Modular Magazine Carrier EMDOM-MM Adam Belt EMDOM-MM TNT-EM Bag EMDOM-MM Split Ammo SAC EMDOM-MM TNT GYM Bag (Extended) EMDOM-MM PMC MM Skull PVC Patch EMDOM-MM Hippie Panel EMDOM-MM IAP EMDOM-MM TNT GYM Bag EMDOM-MM GPS Pouch EMDOM-MM Dragster Strap EMDOM-MM CM Duty Belt EMDOM-MM Contractor BDU EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch MM/Bawidamann T-shirt EMDOM-MM TNT Bag EMDOM-MM Gunslinger Sling EMDOM-MM Ammo SAC EMDOM-MM Battle Suspenders EMDOM-MM AK/M4 pouch MM/SERT System C3 Case EMDOM-MM 3o2 pouch EMDOM-MM USA Kit Mat EMDOM-MM USA URS sling (Updated with long URS - 10/10/06) EMDOM-MM USA 6o4 Pistol mag pouch MAXPEDITION Rolly Poly (MM Dump pouch) TAD Gear Special Service Sweater and Praetorian Hoodie (12/29/08) OTTE Gear Multi Cam Alpine Trouser (12/26/08) Vltor CASV-S Bi-level handguard preview (12/24/08) 215 Gear Blended Operators Hat (12/21/08) TAD Gear Dispatch Bag (12/19/08) Bates Tora Bora Alpine Combat Boots (12/14/08) TAD Gear Survival Spark (12/11/08) Source Hydration Reservoirs (12/8/08) TAD Gear Force 10 Spartan Pant (12/5/08) OTB Thor TC Tactical Land Boot (12/1/08) Tango Down SCAR panel preview (11/27/08) Addax Tactical GPU upper (11/22/08) OTB Land Boots - Bushmaster and Ferdelance (11/15/08) Original SOE Gear Xmas Stockings (11/13/08) MSM Loop Panels (11/7/08) TAD Gear Merino Watch Cap and Neck Gaiter (11/4/08) Blue Force Gear Camo VCAS AA sling (10/31/08) Safariland MOLLE Locking System (10/25/08) MM/EMDOM TNT Bag (10/20/08) Zensah Leg Recovery Sleeves (10/18/08) Spike's Tactical ST-22 Upper (10/15/08) La Rue ACOG RCO Mount (10/11/08) APCU Level 1 Baselayer Top (10/5/08) UK Gear PT-03 Desert Running Shoes (10/2/08) TAD Gear Battle Hoodie (9/26/08) Battle Lab R.

Also available to accommodate a wide array of sheet sizes and with a number of rings with or without boosters or locking mechanisms.

D-Rings A standard ring among users that require slightly more capacity where page-turn is not a major concern.

" (updated 5/23/06) Warren Tactical Series pistol sights (5/18/06) TLR-1 and X200 comparison (5/15/06) TAG Industries SPRE sling plate (4/30/06) Orc Ind Modified Combat Uniform L4 and L5 in Unversal Camo Pattern (4/28/06) Zensah short and long sleeved compression shirts in OD green added (4/28/06) Snow Hike "Photo essay" - various gear (4/25/06) HSGI Tactical Cap and Kifaru Hoodie (4/8/06) Marathon Tritium SAR Diver's Watch (updated 3/30/06) Maratac Compass Watch (3/25/06) Personal Illumination page updated (3/22/06) Vltor VIS preview (3/18/06) Eotech 553 (3/18/06) Tango Down Foliage Green Accessories (3/8/06) Knife Mercharness (3/4/06) HSGI Multicam Boonie (2/25/06) SOTECH BFRPC (MACE rig) (2/19/06) New SWMS gloves (2/18/06) Tango Down Advanced Combat Bipod (2/1/06) TAD Gear Stealth Soft Shell Hoodie (1/30/06) SORD Hardface Soft Shell (1/30/06) SORD MFF rig (1/29/06) Foliage Green Liger Belt (1/28/06) Eagle Universal Chest Rig (SKD version) (1/28/06) Crye Precision ballcap (1/21/06) Revision Sawfly (12/15/05) LIGER Gen II Gun Belt Buckle (12/11/05) KP Industries knee and elbow protection (12/7/05) i-SHOT/S.

pack Alpha Gen II (6/10/06) EMDOM Baby Shingle (6/5/06) TAC-PACK emergency trauma kit (6/1/06) New section added - "What's that?

On this page: definitions, pre-cataloging decision, when to make a new record, copy cataloging, related documents. In a note, list the component parts in enough detail to identify them.

INTEGRATING RESOURCE/IR: "A resource that is added to or changed by means of updates that do not remain discrete and are integrated into the whole (e.g., a loose-leaf manual that is updated by means of replacement pages a website that is updated continuously." RDA Glossary. Give any volume designation that is found on a part.

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Guidelines updated for RDA, to the extent possible. Generally create only one bib record for the service as a whole; consider the service as a whole to be an integrating resource.

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