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God wants couples to make love in marriage-with passion, with purpose, and with pleasure.Marriages aren't experiencing all the benefits that come from a healthy sex life.

Good marriages require both husband and wife working together to understand, appreciate, and honor one another. is his most important and most revolutionary work ever.A decade of focused research has brought him to this startling new conclusion: Great marriages are built on a foundation of trust, not behavioral skills.The Youngs believe it's time to get back to understanding the context of sex in marriage and that it's time for couples to break the barriers keeping them from a healthy sexual relationship.Couples ought to experience the benefits of having sex regularly, intentionally, and creatively.Renowned family counselor, seminar speaker, and author Gary Smalley gives insight into five truths that can transform marriage.

Sharing openly from his own relationship with his wife, Norma, Gary shows why both husbands and wives need * An independent energy source to recharge their spiritual batteries * Someone each can talk to about anything and at any time * An understanding of their emotions and what they mean * Reassurance that their trials have meaning * A shared mission they can strive for together.

A perfect gift for newlyweds and a source book for pastors and marriage counselors, this book has helped more than a million people understand and enjoy the gift God intended for pleasure.

Discover what it means to truly trust God, and how a deep relationship with him can bring life and joy into marriage.

SEXPERIMENT will allow couples to discover that the intersection of God and sex can lead to a life punctuated by exclamation marks! Kevin Leman knows even married people have lots of questions about sex, but sometimes they feel too embarrassed to ask or don't know where to turn for the best answers.

For all those questions readers couldn't imagine asking their pastor or even their close friends, Dr. With his trademark humor and wit, he offers frank answers to the burning questions all of us have about sex.

And he shows how to turn those troubles into teamwork.