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- Pussy Formation Butt plug training , these are invaluable for posture and awareness training and prepare him for the very feminine feeling of being filled , essential items for engaged in anal training , easy penetration.

This serves the dual purpose of stretching sissies out for easier penetration and as a constant reminder of him status.

Are you a dominant man looking for your perfect submissive woman?

Are you a woman looking for that perfect dominant man?

Pierce both her ears and install large dangling earrings so she won't be able to ignore them as they bang against her cheeks.

Bangles, chokers, necklaces or anklets are also appropriate as they represent bonds and chains.

Avoid finger rings as they represent power and pride.

Instead use more suitable such as nipple rings, clit bands, etc.This is important to establish in his mind that this is a total change. Use feminizing products and constantly wear a corset, to nip in his slim waist and give his hips and butt a rounder look, Keep her on high heels stilettos 5” to 7” , to tone his legs and ankles and raise his arches even higher .Put him in permanent chastity and strict with strap on discipline.cum , Yes, if sisssies want to be girls, then they need to learn to love to swallow cum, whether from someone else or their own milk . Many sissies who eat their cum for your Mistress tend to get addicted to the taste of cum.I think that it is just going to happen if you like the taste of jizz, they are so in love with the taste and just cannot get enough of it.The "trainer" must be experienced and understand that it involves physical, mental and emotional conditioning.