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If you wish to turn this feature off, we recommend manually updating Quick Books once a month.

These changes will not make the data file incompatible with earlier releases.To know more about what's new in each release, see Quick Books Desktop Release Notes.Manually Updating Firmware from the Website To manually update the firmware from the website, take the following steps. Go to and download the appropriate firmware file for your Drobo product (a zip file for the PC or a dmg file for the Mac), saving it to a folder that is not located on your Drobo device.If there is only one firmware file (a zip file), this file functions for both the Mac and Windows-based computers.In case you find a new line added, you need to copy that line and paste into your old When you try an automatic update and it doesn’t work, a .maintenance files may get added to your Word Press installation.

If you want to resolve the issue, you should delete this file. Finally, you should visit the administration panel of your site to check out whether the database needs an update. Don’t forget to reactivate all those plugins that you deactivated before starting the update.If you have installed any contributed modules with 3rd party dependencies using Composer, you need to use the other update options as these instructions will overwrite your vendor/ directory.Always revert to a backup when you get a fatal error in update process.WARNING: The upgrade process will affect all files and folders included in the main Word Press installation.This includes all the core files used to run Word Press.It’s only that you have to be more careful so that you don’t encounter errors.