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Jesus isn't really the "dating" type, Mark Driscoll is married to what can only be described as a "happy" wife, and as far as we know... However, I have compiled a list of reasons a hypothetical date between these two would not yield the slightest possibility of a second encounter. She'd pray she'd have the quiz in the back pages completed before his return. Mark Keeps Dissing Jesus' Homegirls You see, Jesus would have eventually brought up his friends, especially his homegirls. Many evangelicals have ignored her sexual sin and godless behavior to make her into a Daniel-like figure, which is inaccurate.But most of us know Mark would be back soon with an entirely different opinion of that Jesus fellow. Some might even call them irreconcilable differences. Some have even tried to tie her story in with modern-day, sex-slave trafficking as she was brought before the powerful king as part of his harem." --from his article at Tell me about a moment that really sums up your relationship." If Jesus had read Mark's book, "My previously free and fun girlfriend was suddenly my frigid and fearful wife.

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