Married after dating since high school

)Anyone who’s had the displeasure of being in an adolescent relationship knows it usually ends in heartbreak, followed by months (sometimes even years) of listening to embarrassingly sad music and pining over your ex. How can you find your soulmate when you’ve met almost none of the other awesome people out there in the world? You’ll find about two dozen similarly cool and beautiful people at your college summer orientation. That’s just hard to imagine when you also consider the fact that, well…Hey, no judgment. But when it comes to emotional intelligence, adolescents are pretty ridiculous. Puberty gives you the kind of uncontrollable urges that would impress The Hulk, society still refuses to see you as a real person, and every single adult you know insists that the decisions you make now will determine the course of the rest of your life.Teens are prone to obsessing over the first person with whom they share any sort of deeper “connection,” even if that connection consists primarily of physical attraction and a shared opinion of which emoji is the coolest. Yeah, it becomes pretty easy to start making the kind of irrational choices that will make you cringe years later.Wherever life takes you, it takes you there together, preserving that one thing you did right during those years, that one decision that doesn’t seem foolish and immature in retrospect.

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They quickly discovered that they still felt the spark that had been there when they were 17 years old.

The two lovebirds dated for a few months before deciding to tie the knot on April 1, 2017—64 years after they went to prom together.

Anna, who was her grandmother's maid-of-honor, is in full support of the rekindled romance.

She thinks that after Joyce and Jim both lost their spouses, they can understand each other's pain as widows and have a new chance at finding happiness."I know my grandma is back to herself again.

Listening to Limp Bizkit.(Kids who don’t get the reference, please do yourselves a favor by not Googling that.)In the midst of all this turmoil, when the vast majority of emotional decisions you make will eventually mortify adult you, how is it possible to find the person who completes you?

Hell, I would be terrified to marry anyone I met during high school.These high school sweethearts had their first date in 1952 and went to their prom together.After graduating in 1953, they headed off to different colleges—and eventually married other people.She is smiling, looking forward to life, and it is really wonderful to see," Anna said."A lot of people keep asking if I like "my new grandpa" but I don't think to Jim as a new grandpa.When I meet an interesting girl now, I treat my teenage years the way Don Draper treated his past. There are people who feel comfortable spending a lifetime with someone who knows all those dark secrets?