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Early in Betty and Bill’s relationship there may have been the excitement of the chase.

Once married, however, couples too often forget the importance of continuing to woo one another.

Typical solutions consist of intentional activities, often something new, since familiarity and repetition can contribute to tedium. For instance, they can help with the inner city poor or tutor children with reading difficulties.

They need to keep the love notes and flowers coming.They need to dress up for each other and to set up date nights.They can start taking an ailing grandmother to and from her doctor’s appointments and see if the boredom doesn’t take care of itself.Either way, the solution is to immerse oneself in the world and respond to its many needs.A Response Betty and Bill need to recognize that being tiresome or dull is their own doing.

Boredom is an emotional state resulting from inactivity or when couples are uninterested in opportunities surrounding them. Therefore, they work hard to create a life of security for their children and are carefully saving for their future.They began to treat their marriage as a finished product, rather than as something to cultivate.They then moved to the tasks of buying a house, having children, and advancing their careers, while expecting their marriage to take care of itself.Even if one has divorced, and a new relationship initially seems exciting, this issue of boredom will eventually creep into any new relationship unless it is addressed.Couples need to re-kindle their love, no matter how buried it may appear.I am a moderate introvert and I need quiet me-time when I get home at night.