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Mc Cain has voiced for gay rights and has spoken for Log Cabin Republicans Conventions in 2009. I believe the government should always be efficient and accountable. And, yes, I am a Republican." writing the inspiring journey of her father's in politics.

In case you were wondering (because Playboy clearly was), the 27-year-old blogger and columnist doesn't date women.

"I'm not a lesbian if that's what you're asking," Mc Cain told Playboy.

"I'm not private about anything, she warned before going on to say, "I can't help it.

I love sex and I love men." She later added, "And if you see me in a gay bar, it's only because they play the best music and my gay friends like to dance.

In honor of the show's milestone, we're taking a look at all of the ladies who have tackled the sometimes-fiery Hot Topics, beginning with the original cast.

Walters, with then-President Barack Obama in 2010, left her hosting chair in 2014.Though Mc Cain intended to keep news of her impending walk down the aisle quiet, she revealed her engagement on Twenty years ago, on Aug.11, 1997, we were introduced to ABC's 'The View,' a panel show with (mostly) women discussing their opinions and asking celebrities and political figures tough questions.She's no longer single as she's dating a mysterious man who identity is yet to be revealed.Meghan has not made her relationship public yet and we are getting anxious to know who the lucky man is!Having a political background since the early age, Meghan Mc Cain was passionate about being a music journalist rather than a regular journalist. After graduating from Columbia University, she interned at Newsweek and Saturday Night Live as she wanted to be a music journalist.