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Mica wrote that she will miss Daisy but is thankful that God brought them together and is comforted to know that she’s in a better place.

Mica was one of the co-stars with a particularly strong bond with Daisy.

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She began her career at the age of 20 when Director Little X noticed Melyssa bartending and casted her in music videos. Melyssa Ford came out in her first ever music video in Glenn Lewis’s, ‘The Thing To Do’ back in 1997.Since then, she has made an appearance in numerous videos, that involves in ‘Thong Song Remix’, Alicia Keys, ‘You Don’t Know My Name’, ‘Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’, and Usher’s ‘Yeah! According to CNN, she considers that music videos can be a poor-mouth for the women.Normally, I wouldn’t care BUT when you’re trying to have something REAL with someone, and away from the public, it’s this kind of LIE that can throw a monkey wrench in it. ” “They print things with no regard for what that person’s TRUTH is, or what’s going on in their lives.It’s callous and RUDE.” Do you think Melyssa is wrong for being upset at the latest rumor about her or is this just par for the course because of the profession she is in?Melyssa later praised Daisy’s spirit and strength despite what she was going through.

Melyssa shared that she’s a better person to have known Daisy.

Don’t say Supermodel & Actress Melyssa Ford isn’t unfazed by internet rumors.

She made it quite clear yesterday when she took to her Facebook page to debunk the latest rumor linking her with 22 year old rapper Young Lace.

Andy later tweeted that everyone was rooting for Daisy, who had such great energy and was a good person.

Mica posted a photo of herself with Daisy in the hospital.

Melyssa came out to view in various magazine like, XXL and Maxim plus made an appearance in some TV shows as well suchlike, Playmakers, The Game, BET Style, Millionaire Matchmaker and Soul Food.