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Although you may have some controversial beliefs, keep quiet until you and your date get to know each other better.Don't show up for a date wearing flip-flops and a tank top if the plans are to go for dinner.

Don't go overboard, though -- too many compliments may make her suspicious.Many relationships are made or broken depending on a man's ability to listen.To boost your confidence and send the first spark out with a bang, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to pick-up lines to turn your first glance into something special.Women’s Turn-Offs Revealed Every woman is unique, so it’s important to do your homework ahead of your date. Should you offer to foot the bill, hold the door, or arrive with flowers?Rose's interests include psychology-driven topics such as mental health, human relationships, addiction and stigma and discrimination.

She has a bachelor's degree in arts from the Queensland University of Technology and is currently obtaining a degree in creative writing (nonfiction narrative) at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.Arriving on time isn't just about the time itself, but it is a reflection on how much you value your date.Arrive early and try not to be too discouraged at the double standard that dictates that she will probably be more than a few minutes late.If you are not particularly romantic or aren't a fan of fine dining, don't fake it.Plan a date that includes your interests as well as hers.Keep the content of compliments appropriate for the situation and how well you know each other.