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They will offer an Adult Christmas Dinner for .95 and a Children’s Dinner (under 10) for .95 in addition to the complete dinner menu.Costa Brava in Casa Monica Hotel (formerly 95 Cordova)- This classy & upscale restaurant will be open for regular breakfast from – .Here are 14 of the best Made episodes ever seen on MTV.

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They are reluctant to even talk about it except in whispers or when joking around.

Then from – , they switch into fancy holiday mode with a memorable Christmas Buffet.

per adult, for kids ages 6-12 Crucial Coffee Cafe / The Gourmet Hut This cute, quirky hut is open air and fun.

We, as viewers, were just hanging out and along for the (most realistically-depicted) ride. The biggest thing I appreciated about Made, though were the stories of course — so if you're anything like me, you probably have a few episodes that you'll always return to when you're feeling like watching Made.

Or, at least, episodes that you'll watch if you happen to stumble upon then when they're on television, because even though you know how it ends, it'll never get old watching it over and over.Sure, there were winners and losers in the sense that some contestants met their goals and got transformed into prom kings and opera stars and others didn't.But for the most part, it didn't matter whether they got completely "made" or failed spectacularly.One of the first instances of TV producers picking a bunch of over-tanned, over-plucked wreck-the-heads (Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino standing out as a particular clown) and sticking them in a house together. Also, we can never forgive it for making way for Geordie Shore and The Valleys. This was purely a vehicle for the burgeoning music career of Ashlee Simpson, younger sister of Jessica (more on her later). An episode summary on Wikipedia contains this gem: He was in a boy band. Together, they gave us some supremely dumb yet addictive reality TV.Unlike, say, MTV's Cribs, which has clear winners (Mariah Carey's shoe closet) and losers (Redman's bizarre but nonetheless iconic tour of his Staten Island home), Made represented a decidedly less hit-or-miss approach to reality television.Their classic Spanish cuisine is a perfect fit with St.