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The Hollywood couple briefly parted ways in August 2015, with the mother-of-three filing for divorce.

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“Neither one of us, I think, were in love,” says La Beouf, “Just sort of experimenting or whatever.” Pause to picture La Beouf and Lucas in a laboratory conducting elaborate scientific experiments, then putting on a matching set of top hats and monocles and philandering around Victorian England.

It was what it was.” (Representatives for Fox did not comment on La Beouf’s assertions.) –La Beouf and Isabel Lucas were “philandering around” while filming star Adrian Grenier, so now we can all start theorizing about the unique fetish that forces La Beouf to hook up with co-stars who are in relationships with TV actors.

Megan Fox (born May 16, 1986) is an American actress.

She is best known as the second actress to play Sydney Shanowski in the sitcom Hope & Faith and as Carla in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

“I still get offered a lot of ‘genius strippers’ and ‘funny escorts’ by guys in the business, but I don’t want to be involved with something genuinely degrading or that [which] encourages negative sexual ideals about women. “If you want it to last, you just have to stick it out,” she said of her tumultuous marriage to the former “90210” star.

Old-school male attitudes towards women – it’s still in all the [advertising] … But I wish it was more gender equal,” she explained. "But without 'that thing', I wouldn't have learned as quickly as I did.I was so self-righteous at 23, I couldn't see [that] it was for the greater good. "It hurt me and a lot of other people," the actress added. He genially explained that Michael Bay is “a caricature of himself,” but noted that it’s a real honor for interns to be yelled at by him, which is exactly the kind of thing someone who has never been an intern would say. La Beouf also offers his own perspective on the never-ending battle to decide exactly who replaced Megan Fox with Rosie Huntington-Whitely, explaining that after , Megan Fox started to feel “like a prostitute.” Someday, someone will write an Off-Broadway play about the war to cast an attractive placeholder actress in threequel about robot cars, in which Megan Fox is a metaphorical hooker working for a metaphorical Hitler who is fired by the non-metaphorical director of ran a profile of La Beouf in which he found a delicate way to note that his affiliation with Steven Spielberg is simultaneously the best and worst thing to happen to his career. It’s sort of all in the same vein.” (He’s talking about the star talked to David Letterman last night.“However, that darkness that descended caused enormous and brisk spiritual growth.