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These recruits are put through the same rigorous screening process as the rest of the ESD database, but they’re offered one free date before being encouraged to join the service.

If the screening process seems a bit extreme, Rice insists it’s his way of ensuring that his database is made up of honest, safe and mature people.

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She actually married a guy out of this little adventure and it’s been very successful,” she explains.

“But my mother still sniffs and says, ‘Well, you know, she got him out of the newspaper.’” Taking credit for Esther and Jack’s relationship is 39-year-old Paddi Rice, a graduate of the International Institute for Management Development MBA program in Lausanne, Switzerland.

You don’t have to get 20 minutes into it to realize, ‘Oh, you’re unemployed? Her reluctance proved warranted recently when Jack inadvertently spilled the beans at a dinner party with old friends. “They spent the entire evening ragging on me about it.” Her friends may now be in on her secret, but Esther has yet to reveal to her mother how she met the man in her life, for fear that her relationship may not be taken seriously.

“[Eighteen years ago] a cousin of mine ran an ad in the Vancouver Sun.

“For a lot of parts of our lives, we’re taking actions to try to improve [our] efficiency,” he points out.

“What are [personal trainers] other than people who come into your personal time and try to make you more efficient and get to the gym and get results?

Five years ago there were only 920,918, which represents a 10-per-cent jump in four years (the total population growth in B. According to the 2005 Small Business Profile, an annual joint publication by BC Stats, the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue, Small Business BC and Western Economic Diversification Canada, 40 per cent of small businesses in the province consist of self-employed individuals.

Not only are there more singles, there are also fewer opportunities for them to meet one another.

So I thought, if I haven’t been successful, why don’t I give this to somebody else? “I feel like it took a lot of the stress and strain out of it.

At least you know that they’re introducing you to someone who meets some basic criteria. ’” The one hitch, Esther admits, is confessing to people about how she met her new beau.

“I was not doing this as market research,” he insists.