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After approximately half an hour, the representative approached me to convey that there was a coverage issue with the claim and that it was in hold status. After no contact for several days we attempted to contact Jasmyne Alston the adjuster regarding the issue. There were no return/courtesy calls made until I received a call from her stating that the damages on their insured parties vehicle did not match the damages to my vehicle.

At this point my understanding of this explanation is an unbelievably irresponsible excuse for not being accountable for their clients irresponsibility.

School shootings have all been committed by children, the problem is not the gun it is the schools.March for Lives was scheduled before the Parkland tragedy.Progressive was founded in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph Lewis as Progressive Mutual Insurance Company.In 1951, the company moved into a new headquarters in downtown Cleveland, Ohio after outgrowing their first office.Their insured vehicle may not show much damages but the fact remains, their insured vehicle ran into my vehicle causing monetary damages.

I don’t believe one can adequately evaluate damages through pictures only.One of the supervisors by the name of Marge actually just hung up on me as I was calmly explaining that three representatives had provided me with incorrect information.I have only been a customer with them for about a month.I sincerely regret switching car insurance providers and am doing research so that I can terminate my policy with Progressive early (even though I have paid for 6 months in advance. Reply This is a complaint regarding Jasmyne Alston progressive adjuster.As part of the process we filed a claim with Progressive insurance, the other party’s insurance provider.This individual was found irresponsible by Rancho Cordova Police Traffic Division and as a result of his insurer being progressive they are accountable for damages repaired. Accept the liability responsibilities like they’re intended to for their insured customer.