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), so know that you are definitely not alone in this struggle in life or love.

So three, what I thought were somewhat “regular childhood events,” have been the basis for me attracting partners in my past who were not good for me! “I was struggling, lost and helpless but Riana’s supportive Coaching techniques led me to find myself and to make positive lifestyle changes after a difficult divorce.Because of her incredible insight into life issues and her ability to express direction in her coaching program, I gained the strength I needed to move forward and feel amazing! I am stronger, happier and love myself more than I ever have.Nearly every third couple experiences long distance Read More... Today let’s talk about 7 common mistakes in Ukrainian and Slavic dating.Ukrainian and Slavic dating is not really difficult.These early traumas are now shaping how you view the world as an adult (yes, even if right now you’re thinking “But I didn’t experience trauma”).

The facts are based in research, that close to 90% of the population experienced at least one childhood trauma (and there are over 20 major trauma categories!

I wanted to know EXACTLY what to do to attract emotionally healthy, evolved and conscious Love; and how to TOTALLY AVOID Toxic Partners who could break my heart.

You see, I too have suffered a couple of Childhood Emotional Traumas.

I don’t even try to promote myself or any other online marriage agency all I want Read More...

Have you ever asked yourself about how to impress Ukrainian girl ? Here I Am, my dear friends to help you regarding any question of dating or matchmaking.

However, it often appears much harder than it seems while people make pretty silly mistakes when dating. In a current article I’ll give you 6 signs to understand that the lady is really likes you and ready to start relationship.