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What makes Straight Lads Spanked different to most gay spanking video websites is that the focus of the movies is about punishment between men that does not lead to sex.

Straight Lads Spanked has been producing videos of men getting spanked for nearly 5 years.All of our spanking videos feature scenes of Corporal Punishment situations where you see punishment being given to guys.These stories cover the entire range of discipline scenarios: from parental smacked bottoms and the belt, switch or paddle given to naughty boys, to the traditional use of the cane, birch and tawse at school, through judicial and military whippings to fun spanking games and consensual S&M relationships.Here you will find magical yarns, sci-fi and historical epics, fan-fiction, humour, poetry and more!Also, the person responsible for administering the spanking is not doing it because they enjoy it, but rather because it is their role in the young mans life to enforce discipline.

So for example, it may well be that it’s a father spanking his teenage or grown up son.

We have a series of caning videos called “Traditional Punishment” where the spanking implement used is often the cane.

Of course since Corporal Punishment was abolished on schools it’s nit often that you will see the cane being used to administer punishment.

This archive acknowledges, explores and celebrates that fact.

Some of the stories are therefore quite sexually explicit, and while not all the stories are gay-themed, many do have a high degree of homoerotic content.

Corporal Punishment Videos Most of the characters in my corporal punishment videos are straight men receiving discipline.