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Thursday, PM I’m closing the place down and waiting for my last two tables to pack it up and move on out.

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I move over to the other table and begin to clear it, placing the empty water glasses and napkins onto a tray and head to the dish room. When I return to the dining room with a towel and cleaning solution I see my last customers walking away from their table ensuring that my night is nearing an end. I head to my last table to clear it and pick up the credit card folder. I run to the door of the restaurant to see if I can catch them, but they have disappeared into the darkness and all I see are people walking their dogs in the rain. Before you go all, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about on me’ you should know that I compiled this list with the help of about 10 different LEBANESE people, sprinkling in a few of my own experiences here and there. Factors to take into consideration when determining compatibility are usually in this order: Religion, Social Status, Educational Status, Political Party, Attraction, Sense of Humor, Values, and that thing called LOVE. Many relationships develop in cars and parking lots (a favorite being the Dbayeh Marina), as most young people live at home with their parents until they are married (and sometimes even after they’re married! ), or have one of their mutual friends introduce them.I’m well aware that this list isn’t going to include everyone, but I’m going for the most typical thoughts, behaviors, and views here. Is it accurate, totally inaccurate, or somewhere in between? This could mean that two people will stare at each other the whole night, but neither one will make the move unless facilitated by a third party. That being said, once contact has been made.“dating/getting to know each other” takes place over Facebook, MSN, Gmail chat/BBM since casual dating is difficult because everywhere you go in Lebanon, you are bound to run into someone you know..which makes you define the relationship too soon into it.Find out what women are searching for a date, a fuck buddy relationship or maybe just to casually meet up with other people who are looking for a free fuck online.

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Thursday, PM I'm closing the place down and waiting for my last two tables to pack it up and move on out.

It's a dark and rainy night outside and the warmth of the restaurant is no doubt keeping the customers here longer than normal.

I was exposed to Windows Vista at a friend’s place recently and there’s no way I’m having that horror inflicted on me.

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Therefore, it often appears that relationships progress quite quickly since most of the “dating/getting to know each other before it’s official” takes place online.in cars.in parking lots.