Most intimidating questions

The secret is to stop waiting for the company to make it better for you.

You need to figure out how to fit into that existing culture.

Many people may at first feel as if they want to get away from the tasks they perform at work, Winn says. But the reality is, the charity that you have your heart set on may really need your accounting or investing skills,” he says.

Think of it like transferring into a college, he says.

The people and systems are already in place, unlike when everyone arrives as freshmen together.

Just open your mind to the possibilities and you’ll be amazed what presents itself.” Understand, too, that it can take a while to settle on the right focus for , so plan on doing a lot of networking and research before settling on a cause or a role.

“Talk to the people who are involved in an organization or area you’re interested in: What challenges are they telling you about, what is their biggest need, how can you fit in and contribute? D., a consulting psychologist with the Boston advisory firm New Directions, which helps professionals reinvent themselves.As a reader, you probably earn a good living but also define success as something more than money and the things it can buy.To you it’s a holistic concept—not just financial success, but also happiness, good relationships, and the ability to give back and contribute to society.They may include everything from integrity to friendship, faith to humor, patience to spontaneity. “All values are good,” she notes, “but understanding which are most important to you will help you understand what will give your life meaning.” For those clients who may be blocked, New York City career counselor Roy Cohen, author of , encourages them to try an activity that neutralizes and contains the distractions, such as meditation, yoga or even a more dramatic option such as an Outward Bound wilderness immersion program (there’s one just for corporate team-building).“Sometimes people are in such a familiar place that they can’t think creatively,” Cohen explains.Next, you need goals for the challenge or cause you’re focusing on.