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Lexi was taken by surprise by this and she looked at him when he turned his head away, continuing the massage and working on his shoulders for a few minutes before moving her hands lower and starting to rub his back as she was thinking. I promise." When he didn't reply right away, she let it go and gave him the time he needed, slowly making her way down his back and massaging every inch of his sore flesh. They talked about your tits, and Wayne said something about seeing up your skirt and seeing your bare ass when you were going up the stairs at the stadium. I'll wear shorts or jeans next time and pay more attention. But..were behind me that time when we were going up. "Besides, it's nothing I haven't sort of seen before when you came out of the shower in panties a few times and I happened to be there.

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She couldn't help it of course, her eyes were drawn to the smooth skin as it was revealed and she took off the shorts entirely without her gaze leaving his buttocks.

Good thing it was warm in the house, as her son was now naked on his stomach.

He would be lying if he said she wasn't nice to look at, and seeing her bare ass up that skirt had had a bit of an effect on him back then, just as the memory did to him now.

Her hands felt amazing as she massaged his back, and he sighed softly. I can do your thighs and legs if they are sore." Simon nodded at her question, he had never been shy around her after all.

Both of them were good looking, brown haired and green eyed, Nat having inherited her mother's breasts and curves and being very fond of showing them off when she was away from home.

As for Lexi, despite being 40 she was quite literally breathtaking.Her husband was always gone for work overseas and so she took care of her son and daughter.They had been a joy to raise as both of them were quiet and easy going, respectful and smart.It wasn't the first time this happened when he was close to his mother, and she had noticed before and said it was okay and completely normal, more than once. "I..I don't mind you seeing since I'm your mom and I love you. I promise I'll be careful." She realized she said she didn't mind him seeing her like that, but it was too late.Simon was tired and sleepy, and in a bit of pain, so he didn't overthink what she said beyond feeling more comfortable than ever with her.Lexi frowned as well, looking at him with concern in her eyes. " She asked softly, smiling and patting the seat besides her. Ever since he was a kid, he had liked her and looked at her as she grew up into a seriously hot, sexy young woman. I can't help with Julia and the rest, but if your back hurts I can at least make you feel better. She came back and kneeled besides the couch, reaching down with her hands to pull up his shirt and waited for him to raise his arms and took it off.