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Recently, he has moved to another state where this crooked old Syrian guy offered him a business opportunity to manage a taxi cab company.

He never defended me to his family who treated me terribly, especially his mother who humiliated me by putting on my wedding dress and mocking me after I wore it. It’s almost as if they came first because they were his same culture and religion, while I was just a dirty Western girl. He was an angel when he first came here, sometimes working 3 jobs for me in a day to make money for me.Some days, when I was sad, he would even cry with me.Anyway, as fate may have it, I ended up filing for him and he came to the USA.Prior to him coming here, I was having doubts about Islam.With over 1 Million members in our community worldwide we are committed to helping Muslims around the world find love, marriage, and happiness.

There are a lot of Muslim men and women who do not consider dating to be something that they will do but this does not mean that it does not happen within the community. At Islamic, your safety is important to us.I felt these ladies who got used were older or unattractive.Here I was, a little younger than him and I always considered myself to be a pretty girl. Plus, being that I am light and blondish, I felt I was exotic for him so that’s why he was attracted to me.A lot of countries are Islamic countries and they highly believe in Allah and the promise of paradise if they would all live according to the teachings of Allah and the prophet Muhammad ...In other religions, it is not allowed to have more than one wife or more that one husband because they would have to practice monogamy which is to be with only one person all their lives. Best is most pupular FREE Islamic marriage or matrimonial website in the world.