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With the introduction of a new line of powerful blenders and new product categories, the brand offers consumers even more ways to meet their food prep and coffee needs.From making healthy-homemade baby food, smoothies and soups to brewing your fresh morning coffee and crafting effortless baking creations, Braun continues to conquer the expected in the kitchen.)--De’Longhi Group announces the highly anticipated expansion of its recently launched Braun Household collection of products.

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Natürlich reden Musiker gerne über Equipment, und deshalb verkehren hier auch zahlreiche Vertreter von Firmen.Dagegen haben wir grundsätzlich nichts, aber wir bitten diese, sich im Sinne einer bestmöglichen Transparenz entsprechend kennzeichnen zu lassen.To round out the coffee category, Braun introduces a new, sleek Burr Coffee Grinder with multiple grind settings for every type of coffee from French Press, drip to espresso.These new products will debut at the 2018 International Home Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois from March 10-13, 2018.Braun will take its drip coffee offering to the next level with the introduction of the new all stainless Braun Brew Sense Coffee Maker with Touch Screen.

This new coffee maker offers a sleek touch screen interface and introduces faster overall brew time, three coffee modes (fast, regular and bold) and a freshness indicator that provides options for the best tasting, best quality drip coffee possible.Braun will also release an extension to its highly successful hand blender line, the Braun Multi Quick 5 Baby.This hand blender kit includes everything you need to get started making homemade, fresh baby food for your little one, while allowing you to make great food for the rest of the family as well.With a long-standing and highly regarded design heritage dating back over 90 years, Braun products are performance-driven and stylish.Building upon the success of the brand’s launch in North America in the fall of 2016, Braun introduces its most powerful countertop blender yet: the Braun Pure Mix Power Blender.Additionally, the new Multi Mix Hand Mixer is the first category extension for Braun since 2016.