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It was mounted on top of a 2- to 3-inch-high steel riser bolted on top of the carburetor.

I later learned that the carburetor was not even the original model.

Before moving to California for my first office of assignment, I installed a trailer hitch on the car.

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But the aftermarket parts the dealer used to replace the stolen items were disappointing.

The air cleaner was small, about 8 inches in diameter, with an open element.

After I completed all that work, the car really hauled!

After countless clutch replacements, I installed a dual-disc truck clutch, which held up much better than the lightweight single-disc system that came on the car.

(I should have saved the original 454 emblems, but did not.) Consequently, my Chevelle became the only SS350 LS6 model in existence, and it came that way straight from the dealership!

After all of the post-sale, pre-delivery preparation had been completed by Reeder, my father took possession of the car while I was out of town.The polished aluminum fender trim rings were also removed, so the only chrome trim pieces left on the car were the door handles, keyholes, bumpers, and gutter rails.I drove the Chevelle only occasionally after it left the shop, averaging about a thousand miles per year.Not too long after the transmission was replaced I bought a book called How to Hot Rod Big-Block Chevys. I began tricking out the engine as soon as I had extra money. I first installed 2 1/8-inch Hooker headers (with one tube passing around the frame—what a nightmare that was to install), then a Mallory dual-point ignition system, and a high-rise manifold and a 850-cfm double-pumper, which I later replaced with a Corvette L71 Tri-power manifold with a 1,350-cfm carb setup.The entire smog pump system was removed and scrapped.I did not want to sell the Chevelle, but had no place to store it in Tennessee.