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If you’re not quite sure what someone’s intentions are, don’t rush into anything until you know more. K is for Kissing The Air Kiss is the official London greeting (thanks mainly to Made in Chelsea)!

H is Hashtags In case you’ve been sleeping for the past two years, every man and his dog is on Twitter and Instagram!

And the hashtag is key to finding out what’s on trend.

A first date in Chelsea is very different to a first date in Shoreditch, and not every West End Girl loves an East End Boy … The area of London you choose will not only determine the activity you do, it will determine how much things cost and even what you wear.

London has some beautiful outdoor spaces – from Hyde Park to Clapham Common.

They regularly update their lists, include special offers, and ask Dating Experts for suggestions to add to their ever-growing database of London dates. E is for Events London is the Mecca of all Singles Events. Whether you want to sniff a potential match’s dirty laundry (Pheromone Dating), bark like a dog (Shhh Dating) or play ping pong with 600 other singles (Doing Something), there’s an event for you, it’s just a matter of finding out about it.

One of the reasons I’m moving to London is to be able to trial more of the weird and wonderful events the city has to offer – and the one thing I will say, the odder the event, the more likely it is to attract attractive, normal guys!

D is for the Doing Something Date Directory When I was looking for weird and wonderful date ideas during my 30 Dates, the Doing Something directory became a bit of a bible.

The site is divided up under different headings, including Unusual Dates, Fun Dates, Must Do Dates and Cheap Dates.

They feature pop-up home grown ideas, from aspiring chefs running their own tea parties or themed evenings, to dinner in incredible random London locations, like Tube carriages and clock towers.

You can either sign up for two places and take a date, or sign up as a singleton, and turn the event into an impromptu singles opportunity, as the likelihood is any other solo diners signing up will also be single (something I realised from my evening at Society Dining).

Pack a picnic, and jump on one of the iconic blue bikes, it’s something my friends always say they want to do when we walk past a pod of bikes, but how often do you actually get to do it? London is a fast-paced city, and you need extra strong batteries!