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These will look just as much at home with a pair of jeans as with a suit.If I had to start my wardrobe all over again, black or brown leather derbies would be the first pair of shoes I bought.

Quarter brogues are more than enough since that means you can wear them with suits as well.

Also, open-lacing boots, like the ones in the picture, are less dressy than closed-lacing boots (we’ll get to those in a bit).

That’s because brown is a warm colour and don’t match cool black pants.

Black shoes, on the other hand, can be worn with both blue and black jeans.

Otherwise, sneakers and jeans are perfect for: To really nail it when wearing sneakers with jeans, make sure you match the colour of your socks with that of your pants (no white tennis socks here).

To learn more about matching sock colour and which socks to buy, click here and check out my men’s sock tutorial.Unlike ankle socks, these look great because they don’t show at all (wink).By the way, brown shoes look better with blue jeans than black jeans.It also makes the boots easier to take care of since you don’t have to worry about staining the sole when polishing your boots.Chelsea boots are best worn on rain-filled days and in colder seasons. They should never be worn in combination with jeans and a button-front shirt or a blazer.That’s good news because the open lacing makes them the perfect everyday boots to wear with jeans.