New applications of electron spin resonance dating dosimetry and microscopy

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Conferences Highlights • The 40th Annual International Meeting of the Electron Spin Resonance Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry New College, Oxford 25-29 March 2007, see For up and coming meetings see Organizations ESR group of the Royal Society of Chemistry COST P15 - Advanced paramagnetic resonance methods in molecular biophysics EPR newsletter of the international EPR (ESR) society ISMAR - International Society of Magnetic Resonance AMPERE - The Ampere Group IES - The International EPR (ESR) Society EFEPR - European Federation of EPR groups The Larmor Letter and Software Electron Spin Resonance Software Database Spin-Trap Data Base (STDB) at NIEHS/NIH Easy Spin Manufactures Bruker EPR Homepage Magnettech JEOL EPR Homepage Extended Reference List 1. The Principles of Nuclear Magnetism: Clarendon Press, Oxford, International Monographs of Physics, 1961.

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