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Train Running Study the operation of specific trains in detail, with the emphasis on signalling and safeworking.

Trains described include a Red (English Electric) EMU travelling to Wellington; Bankers on the Daffodil Express; a Masterton Passenger Train running Wrong Line; Race Trains to Trentham; Q2 Gracefield Shunt; EMUs reversing at South Junction; a 25kv Electric Locomotive departing Woburn and trains to the Westpac Trust Stadium.

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The formation of the Maymorn Tramway is still walkable today.I have not done so yet but it is on my list of things to do.Signalling Principles Study the principles of New Zealand railway signalling with particular reference to the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa.Diagrams and photo sequences describe speed signalling, junction signalling, aspects, low-speed lights, marker lights, overlaps, advance caution, permissive working and other aspects of railway signalling.When I make the walk I hope to provide a kml file and other details here.

Cruickshanks Tunnel Disused Cruickshanks rail tunnel is hidden in the hills north of Upper Hutt.

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19th century signalling extant at Masterton is explained.

Safe Working A page dedicated to the safe-working systems used by the New Zealand Government Railways (NZGR) and its successors.

The purpose of this page is not to explain what astro is but rather to document some of its rich history, including the many sight reduction methods.