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After several tours in support of the album Very Proud of Ya, Kresge decided to leave the group.

His spot was filled by Hunter Burgan for the remaining Very Proud of Ya tour dates.

I thought because I owned a drum set and could play a rock beat that I knew everything there was to know.

I got sent to the office a lot for messing around with the trombone players, and when we had substitutes I organized mass switching of instruments by the class.

"The Days of the Phoenix" was released as a single and video and had some moderate mainstream success, garnering the band more TV and radio airplay. They were nominated in the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards for the MTV2 award category for the "Girl's Not Grey" video, which came to be their first VMA. The release reflected the continually changing and growing fan base of the band, and the album debuted as No. The album has been certified Gold by the RIAA for sales of over 500,000 copies of the album.

In June 2006, AFI's seventh studio album, Decemberunderground, was released on Interscope Records. AFI's eighth album, Crash Love, was released on September 29, 2009. AFI's ninth studio album, Burials, was released on October 22, 2013.

On August 3, 2013, Carson married English model, Eirinie Hamil.

The two have one child together, a daughter named Luka Lily Carson, who was born on April 22, 2017.

The band then recorded Black Sails in the Sunset (1999), a musical turning point which introduced AFI fans to a much darker sound, mixing the band's original hardcore roots with dark romantic influences.

The All Hallows EP (October 5, 1999) explored the horror punk genre touched upon on Black Sails, featuring artwork and lyrics containing Halloween themes.

Between 19 AFI released several vinyl EPs (Behind the Times; Eddie Picnic's All Wet; This Is Berkeley, Not West Bay; AFI/Heckle; Bombing the Bay; Fly in the Ointment) independently.

Their first full-length, Answer That and Stay Fashionable was released August 11, 1995, on Wingnut Records, and was produced by Tim Armstrong.

It was not until high school when the two became friends and started AFI.